Aritaum Event: All about Compact Cushions!

Recently, I was invited to the Aritaum event where I learned about some of the world famous Amorepacific products to dive into the 'innovative world of kbeauty' Aritaum is kind of like the 'korean sephora' - and Amore Pacific is coming into the US by now arriving in many Aritaum stores. This includes brands like Iope, Laneige, Mamonde, Sulwhasoo and more.

This event was all about the history of Cushion Compacts. By now, every brand and their mothers now have compact cushions, it's hard to tell what a good compact cushion is..  but at this event, I was able to learn more about what makes the Amore Pacific CC special - especially since it was the very first company to launch the compact cushion back in 2008.

How this all started was that developers wanted to make a foundation product that had the convenience of a compact, but was effective like a liquid all while adding a sun screen factor. As they were developing this, a senior researcher noticed that an ink pad was the exact type of product they want. The ink was a liquid - however it was all contained into the pad and spread evenly to the space provided... and thus began the compact cushion!

Here are some of the products that I received from the event. I received the Iope Bio Intensive Essence Facial Mask, The Iope Bio Hydro Cream, Laneige Water Sleep Mask and of course, to me... the best part were the Iope compact cushions!

If you would believe it, the Amore Pacific cushion took years to develop. They were looking for a product that would hold a liquid product without allowing the liquid to flow out. Although its already great - they are always trying to improve their products and are currently in works of improving this cushion even more to create new "cushion cells" that prevents the foundation from settling to the bottom of the compact - thus allowing you to get more use out of your product. Be on the look out for these changes soon! 

Usually, most products - I throw out the brush or sponge that goes along with the product, but their sponge took much time to develop. They found that using this sponge allowed you to get the most use out of your product while creating the most even coverage. Putting the foundation on this sponge actually 'rejects' the product, so it doesn't soak into the sponge, giving your face as much product as possible! 

Here is one dab! 

Here is what it looks like blended out by using a dabbing motion. 

 They currently don't have many colors in the range - the 23 is my perfect shade (i'm an NC 25-30 in mac), so if you are on the market for a darker shade - they will eventually be rolling some out.

I have yet to try the other products, although the other two products are nice hydrating gel-ish products. Seems like the perfect products for the summer! Let me know if you'd be interested in a thorough review when I get to try more of them! :)

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