Japan Day 2: Odaiba

Aug 5, 2016 |
This was one of the days Fel planned because there were definitely more 'him' activities! 

We went to Odaiba which was a beautiful area near the water! We were thinking to go there for the full day and stay until night time to see the Rainbow bridge in action, but alas, jetlag has struck us again lol!

It was still a beautiful sight to see during the day though!... although it was so humid! Hopefully you can see that little peek of the Rainbow bridge behind us!

We then went to the trick art museum. It was definitely a funny concept! It was a museum of different paintings that look 3d, so when u stand in a certain way, it looks like you are part of it! We had such a fun time trying to figure out how to get the best shots! 

This area had lots of shopping you could do. A lot was very western stores, but then you had a lot of fun vintage Japanese shops that were so fun to browse! 

Felix's fave (second fave to tomago) snack is takoyaki - octopus balls! So we stopped by the takoyaki museum to go try some of their famous balls (hehe). Oh they were delicious! They were so soft and tender inside with a huge piece of octopus! yum! 

Now that our appetite was wet, it was time to have our first RAMEN! I'll be honest, I followed along, so I have no clue where we were, but there was this cute little food court of Ramen shops. You ordered through a vending machine and got your ramen when you sat in the shop. Now I'm not a huge fan of Ramen.. but this was DELICIOUS! Felix got a regular bowl of ramen (of course with extra noods and egg) and I got the tsukamen ramen with thicker noodles that you dip. The noodles were so chewy and perfectly cooked.. and that egg was so soft, perfectly seasoned and delicious. I'm drooling a little thinking about it. Japanese people love a good meat to fat ratio, so anytime I tried to order a leaner meat, it always came with a sliver of fat with it... so needless to say, my bowl of soup had a ton of fat pieces floating on top lol. However, it was so delicious and Fel and I both slurped our noodles!

Then Fel and I went to his favorite place... the claw machine! In particular... Round 1! Yes we won, but I'll save that for a later post when we see the damage of all his toys at the end of our trip (praying it wont be too much lol) They have different scenarios kinda set up in how to win. Usually in America they just have one big toy u just gotta pick up and win. Here though, one of the most popular is a sticky bar with the toy dangling from it where you have to get it loose. And lucky for our wallets, its only 100yen to play once!! (about a dollar US) In Cali, it was like $3.50! 

Omg, writing this out makes me realize how much we actually did lol. So I became lamesauce and the bottoms of my feet started hurting, so Fel ran around finding a place to sit and lo and behold... Hello Kitty Cafe! It was so adorable and it had a huge beautiful crystal Hello Kitty to take a pic with! I also wanted to take a pic of a gorgeous table scape, but an annoying lady was sitting there for forever :/ Anyway, I totally got made fun of by fel for buying a 10 dollar ice cream parfait, but it was so pretty... so well worth LOL 

Last up, we went to leisureland to go on their ferris wheel. Anytime we go to a different city around the world, it's a tradition to always go on the ferris wheel! This felt like the slowest and safest ferris wheel I've ever been on.. HA. however it gave us a good moment to take in the view of Japan! It was gorgeous! 

Alas, we became too tired and couldnt last until night time, so we stuck with our routine of going home during rush hour (dude so crowded lol) and grabbing a quick bite from 7eleven to eat in our hotel room before we hit the sack before 9 lol. 

It was an eventful day - but excited to finally do some SHOPPING tomorrow!! woot!!!


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