Japan Day 4: Zao Fox Village

Aug 7, 2016 |

Because of Felix's love for animals, we took a longarse trip over to the beloved fox village to hang out with some foxes running wild and free. 

It was quite a trek to get there, but totally made it worth it because we had the JR pass. Although you didnt need to reserve seats, I would recommend doing so because the unreserved seats fill up and get crowded really quickly! We kinda ran like crazy chickens not really knowing where to get on but they have train maps that tell you which are reserved and which arent. 

Because we had about an hour to kill, we went to this little bakery to have a bite to eat...but let's just admire these cute little piggy pastries!!!! 

Anywoo, it was our first ride on the Japan bullet train which took 110 minutes to get from Tokyo to Shiroshizao. If you drove from those two destinations, it would take almost 4 hours. Then we took a cab to the village. It cost a hefty $40 (it was like a 15 minute ride). 

When you got to the fox village, you can tell it's run by locals of the area. (Area was definitely more rural/countryside) None of them really spoke english, but they had English cue cards that told us all the info that we needed and they held it up for us to read haha. Most of it was dont pet the foxes and go in at your own risk lol. 

When you first go in, you see the caged animals first. There are foxes, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, donkeys etc. Kinda like a stinky ghetto zoo. 

Then the main attraction was when you enter the fox village where the foxes run wild and free. They legit just roam around which to me is relatively frightening. Felix kept wanting me to get closer to them, but I was not having it hahah. Dude, when you put all those damn signs of 'be careful, foxes bite' .. you best know imma be careful! By the way, how gorgeous is this white fox!!!

You were also allowed to feed them, only from this platformed area.. which now I know why... because these foxes fight over the food like crazy wild animals (oh wait... lol) It was also really freaky because foxes howling and whimpering sounds like little children whining and screaming. ha ha!!! pretty crazy! And I didnt look this up, so I don't know for sure, but dang - foxes seem to have terrible eyesight! Felix or I would chuck food at them and literally it would hit them and fall on the floor or they would all go chasing after it, fighting one another but it was on the ground on the right not even near where they were haha! 


Also every hour they allow for fox holding.  It costs four dollars and they allow you to hold the fox for a minute. You have to wear this jacket just incase they try and bite or something! There were black, white and the orangy/red foxes to hold. Felix and I both got black ones - even though I really wanted to hold a white one! You have to hold it pretty tight in order to not make it move! Not sure how I felt about it... but I mean when would I ever get the chance to hold a fox? 

Then we went to the gift shop where they sold fox tails (from somewhere else).. seemed kinda classless... LOL. -___-

Then we shared a taxi back to the station with some lady so we were able to save some money whoohoo!

Overall, it was a pretty unique experience. It is a pretty long journey around 2.5 hours one way. However if you love animals and are willing to travel and spend the money (around 300+/pp without the JR pass - $200ish for train, $80 for taxi, $10 entrance fee), it is a pretty cool, smelly experience. Although I probably would never do it again, I was glad we were able to have this opportunity!!!

I can't believe were almost done with Tokyo!!! This trip is going by so quickly!!! Onto another day.. please pray for us.. because we're going to Felix's dream area... the arcade. YIKES. until tomorrow...

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