Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo Lip Balm Swatches

 GUYSSS... you know how I love me some lip products.. so it was definitely not surprising when I was jumping and stalking when the Hourglass Lip Style Lipsticks were coming out! Not only is the packaging so sleek, but the product itself is JUST AS GOOD!!!

I love the idea behind these lipsticks - as Jenny Shimizu says:
There's no better beauty product than a lipstick to remind us to use our voices, fuel our passions, drive a purpose and make a change.
As a teacher, these are always the things that I'm trying to instill in my students and these lipsticks bring it back full circle for me. Not only does it have an AMAZING stand - each lipstick has an empowering name. Seriously... loving this concept so hard.“here’s no better beauty product than a lipstick to remind us to use our voices, fuel our passions, drive a purpose, make a change.

I received three of these amazing lippies from hourglass - Top to Bottom: 
Influencer, Creator and Leader 

Creator - pinkish nude on me

Influencer - perfect MLBB on me. By Far my favorite! 

Leader - Gorgeous deep pink 

Formulation: The formulation of these are like a really glossy, hydrating lipstick (although its advertised as a lip balm, the color pay off is of a lipstick). It goes on effortlessly and smooth, leaves a gorgeous shine and overall just feels super comfortable on the lips. 

Color: The color payoff is amazing! Usually these types of lippies have a tendency to be more on the sheer side, but these do NOT skimp on pigmentation! They are high pigment for sure, even the nude colors! 

Hydration: I legitimately use this as like a lip balm because they are so incredibly hydrating and comfortable on the lips. If it weren't for the price point, I would definitely have so many right now LOL. I do also find my lips begin to feel a bit more plump after a lot of use - probably because of the hydration level! 

Lasting ability: Because of the nature of this formula, they do not last as long as other lippies on me. The nudes are about 2 hours and the deeper shades are about 2.5 before I begin to reapply. However, because this is such a nice formula, I would want to reapply often anyways! :P 

Price: These run for $32 each, which to me is quite steep for a lip balm. However, I do think that having tried this product and formula, I would splurge on this product, for sure. The packaging and product, with the twist up makes for a fancy high end item. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product, despite its price point or lack of longevity. I think that the positives by far outweighs those items because you would definitely want to keep reapplying anyways and because the packaging is just so sleek and functional, you don't want to be without it! I am waiting for Sephora's Spring 15% sale to pick up more!!!! I'm eyeing achiever, futurist and liberator :D 

You can purchase this product at Sephora, Hourglass or any other store that may carry hourglass cosmetics :) 

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