A little bit of my heart about mother's day

Hey everyone!

Happy Mother's Day weekend! I was going to just make a post about mother's day gift ideas, but it was hard for me to write that post in a happy way without feeling completely fake. I was inspired by my good friend Wendy to just be honest about this.. more emotional holiday for me.

As some of you may know, my mother passed away from cancer when I was in high school. Since then, every time I hear about mother's day, I feel a pang of jealousy for others who celebrate their mothers here on earth. It's a loneliness that over 10 years has still never fixed. And as a married woman with the most AMAZING mother-in-law, I almost feel guilty for feeling sadness on a day where I should be celebrating such an amazing gift in my life.

So as I shop for Mother's Day for all the incredible mothers in my life - I take the moment to remember the incredible gifts and strengths my mother gave me and cherish those that I have in my life right now.

Below are the products that I would recommend :)

The first this I would recommend is the La Mer Moisturizing Creme for your leading lady. It's actually the gift we're giving my mother-in-law this year. And I dont think I have to explain why - because this is obviously the best LOL! :) 

Next are Sugarfina Champagne bears - I would give this to someone who is like my sister who loves her gummies and chocolate, but isn't a huge fan of alcohol. Now you can celebrate her being an awesome mother. 

Below is the Sugarfina "green juice" candies. I thought this was so super fun and unique. It would be great for healthy mamas out there. You can pair this with a juice subscription or a workout outfit, or even a pretty personalized water bottle! 

Next is the ItCosmetics travel face and eye essentials brush set. I thought this was so perfect for the on the go mama who is legit too busy for life running around. Its the perfect set to throw in your purse. It would pair perfectly with a travel sized eyeshadow or face set! 

Lastly, I have the ItCosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Rose Lip treatment. I think this is perfect for the minimalist mom! Someone that needs something practical (like a lip treatment lol), but this can spice up her day a little bit with a flush of color! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my recommendations! -- and to anyone that struggles like me...just waiting for this holiday to pass you by, no matter what your situation is - know that you are SO loved. 


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