Jouer Cosmetics's High Pigment Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

You guys are well aware (by now), how much I adore Jouer products. The first thing that I fell in love with (and bought a huge amount of... LOL) was their moisturizing lip glosses - which I believe they are discontinuing (and I'm SO SAD although not too sad because I love these too lol!). So you could possibly imagine my excitement when I heard that they were coming out with HIGH PIGMENT lip glosses. I jumped on it asap and purchased 4 of them and I am ready to head back for more!!!

Below are swatches of the four lip glosses that I purchased:

Here's my breakdown of the product

From the Lip Gloss Tubes, Top to Bottom: Fifth Avenue, Beverly, Champ-élyées, Bond

Top to Bottom: Champ-élyées, Fifth Avenue (favorite), Bond, Beverly

Packaging: It comes in a sleek tube that is very similar to the old lip glosses as well as the lip creme. The only difference is that there is a gold layer at the bottom of the cap adding a bit of pizazz and fun. It has a standard doefoot applicator which allows nice precision and giving off the right amount of lip gloss.

Formula: These are extremely creamy and moisturizing, yet very lightweight. If I compared it to the old lip glosses, these are definitely more lightweight and slightly thinner - however they do NOT lack in the moisture department. This is packed with great ingredients for your lips like coconut oil and jojoba seed oil to really nourish your lips.

Pigmentation: They weren't kidding when they said High Pigment! Dang I just remembered, I should've probably swatched these on my lips for you - but how about when I get more of them (lol), I will do a huge swatch fest for you. Again in comparison to the old glosses- almost all of those were sheer but glossy - these are all extremely high pigment and glossy. Even lighter shades like champs-élyées pack a ton of pigment!

Lasting ability: Similar to many glosses, these are not transfer proof and these do come off relatively quickly. For me - it lasted a solid 1.5 hours before it began fading and if I were to eat or drink anything, I would have to reapply. Some of the deeper colors I had like bond, feathered slightly after about an hour, which was slightly disappointing - so for ones like that, I would recommend a lip liner.

Smell: It has a beautiful luxuriously sweet vanilla cupcake flavor. When I put it on my lips, the smell lingered but left over time.

Overall - I do love these pigment glosses. Pigment wise, I do absolutely love them. I do find that the old formula lasted a bit longer on the lips, despite the sheer coverage and if I were to recommend any of these, I would recommend the more neutral lighter shades as they are smoother and a little bit less maintenance than the darker shades. I do wish they were slightly longer lasting, but their moisturizing factor makes it okay for me because I don't mind reapplying it.

These cost $17 each for .21oz of product. I purchased mine off the jouer website, but you can also purchase at nordstrom or beautylish.
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