Too Faced Melted Latex Swatches

Jul 26, 2017 |
I am LOVING these toofaced melted latex lipsticks! My bestie.. she didn't like them one bit... so this is a product... where you will either LOVE IT. or HATE IT. so I'm gonna give you my thoughts and swatches below! :) :) 


Hopeless Romantic 

Safe Word

Love U, Mean It 

Rated R

Love You Long Time

But First, Lipstick

Hot Mess

I'm Bossy

Twilight Zone

Bye, Felicia

Strange Love

Bite Me

Can't Touch This

Girl On Top 

Packaging: It's the same luxe package as the Too Faced Melted Matte line, and I'm LOVING it. It's fancy, chic and has a curved doefoot which allows just enough product to be dispensed. 

Moisture: I think these are INCREDIBLY moisturizing. It's like putting a thick arse layer of something to really protect your lips. 

Formula: The formula is definitely way thick. If you do not like the thick, near tacky feeling, you will NOT like this. However, I enjoy it and it isn't quite as sticky as other thick lippies, but you can definitely feel it! It also lasts very long - because of this heavy formula, it lasts a good 3-4 hours before it starts to wear. This does also transfer easily like a gloss. Yes - if you get hair near ur mouth or dust (like from a shirt or something) it WILL cling well to your lips, so be warned! LOL

Streakiness: I had to add in a category - lol to note that although most are really beautiful, two in particular - Can't Touch This and Bye Felicia were particularly difficult to apply. They tend to have splotchiness and patches that I couldn't get rid of. The only way to do so was to goop more on. Not sure if it was just me or not though! 

Pigmentation: IS AMAZING. 

Overall I REALLY love these. I think I will particularly love these in the wintertime when I'm cold and chapped. It does take a certain person to love this - so if you don't love thick, glossy lips - this may not be for you... however if you are.. EMBRACE! this is amazing! 

These were sent to me by PR, but you can purchase on sephora, toofaced, or ulta at $21 per lippie! 

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