Men's Gift Guide

Ok -- for that someone special in your life? or just that guy's guy... and you're really struggling to get him a good gift. (Literally happens to me EVERY YEAR.)

So besides the "unisex" gift, or the typical tie, tools and techie gifts, here are a couple of gifts that I thought might be worth getting your loved ones!

1) Dollar Shave Club - I always recommend this because ANYTIME I've gifted this to my guy, my family members, they've LOVED it. I'm not even kidding - I received a Dollar Shave Club set and when Fel opened it, he was like YES!!!! And took it! It's only $5 for the first month, and then $9 per month (or less depending on the blade) after that and it comes with an amazing razor (6 blade) with extra replacement blades plus a bunch of other fun travel. Then after that, they will send you replacement blades for the price that you choose! It's so convenient especially if you have a guy that needs to shave but doesn't want to break bank or doesn't want to go to the store to pick some up!

2) Schmidt's Natural Deodorant and Soap - I think this is definitely an unconventional item to gift, but I really think it's worth gifting! My hubs never actually thinks to go to the store to pick up deodorant, he just realizes like oh shoot, I need to get some, then will scrounge to go pick some up. These deodorants are all natural, neutralize odors and get rid of your damp pits. I don't swear by any deodorants, but these.. are really legit! Definitely the best all natural ones I've found! I love that it comes in sensitive, and varying scents for women and men!

3) Dash Cam - If your man is a driver and he is always b*tching and moaning about how terrible everyone drives (I don't think there is any man that is not like that lol), a dash cam may be a great gift to give your loved one. These have been growing popularity to be safe on the road just incase, God forbid, something may happen!

4) Swiss Army Knife - I only really added this because I realized even though my husband isn't necessarily the DIY Handy Man, there's something about him that likes to be able to save the day and be a Man's Man. (LOL) There have been so many times when we're out in the store and I'm like crap, this tag is bothering me, or shoot - i just got a hang nail or UGH I have something in my teeth... where my husband will all of a sudden save the day with his swiss army knife scissors, nail clipper and tooth pick ha ha!

 Are there any other things that I'm missing?! Let me know what you'll be getting for your loved ones! :)
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