Baby's Butt Face

Jan 6, 2009 |
Because I walk to work most days, it takes a toll on my skin! It takes about 25-35 minutes to walk each day and the wind is always so rough, it feels like my face is going to rip off. Then my legs get all hot and itchy because they are dry too. YUCK!! (no wonder I made a resolution to put on lotion every day!) By the time I arrive at school i want to rip my clothes off, itch my skin, and dunk my face in hot oil.

Then I bought you:
you wonderful hunk of lard. not only does it make my skin feel moisturized, it makes my skin kinda nice and dewey. i gloww! although i know once my face is back to its normal self (with warmer weather), I will have to begin using the 8% shea butter one that's hypoallergenic, because this one is as thick as jlo's thighs.

Right now my boyfriend is being my labrat because he has windburn and scarily dry skin. He is using this cream and also the ultra comfort serum. I took before pictures- i can't wait to see how it turns out!!! :)

stay warm and don't slip on ice! -J

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