A Nervous Wreck!

Jan 11, 2009 |
if you don't know me (and you're creepily stalking me.. haha awesome), I'm a REALLY nervous person. I freak out about every single little thing in the world. so naturally, when I got summoned for jury duty, my hands get sweaty and i can't stop thinking about it.

Although I'm not a resident of NY right now, the telephone lady said that I still had to serve if my license was still in NY. The only proof I could give was a copy of a Mass license, which I do not have, even though I live in MA. bleh. And since i'm on telephone standby, I have to call in every night after 5 to see if i have to go in the next day... meaning that I have to have everything ready and packed EVERY NIGHT to leave right away for NY if i do get called. how annoying...

So I had to start calling from tonight. I had to take a quick nervous poo before I called because I was freaked out if i ACTUALLY had to get my packed things and go back to NY. I dialed at 5:01 and listened in... oops. busy. and again at 5:02. My Jury # is G 0937 ... so i waited for the numbers called... G0001-...G....0...656. Thank god.

And the worst part is... that i'll have to do this again for the rest of the week!
Goooood luck to me!!!! -J
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