"Almost everyone that leaves jury duty, has a whole new appreciation for the court system..."

Jan 13, 2009 |
.... i'll tell you what i appreciate... the guy on my case who decided last minute to plea guilty.

YUPPPP you guessed right! Last night @ 5 oclock, i made the call and had to take the next bus to NY. I got home at around 10:45, ate dinner, and went to sleep. I woke up so dizzarn early (ok, @ 730) and got to the courthouse at 8:05. I wish I got there at 8:30, so I didn't run out of reading material.

They first played this ridiculous video of the way the court system used to worked (throwing people in the water.. if they sink they are innocent, if they float they are guilty) and how we are lucky to have a system like we do. then at the end, they made the corny statement saying that we would be sooooo appreciative of our court system once we leave.

4.5 hours later.. or 6 magazines, 140 pages of a book, and a 20 minute light nap and not being called up later, it was time for a 90 minute lunch break. UM everywhere was so packed (obvi if there are over 400 jurors in the room), so i resorted to Dunkin Donuts and got me a flatbread sandwich and stared out the window for 20 minutes (since i finished all my reading).

After being bored out of my mind with 70 minutes left to go, i went back to the court room and sat there. HAHAHA... @ 2 oclock they started naming people again.. of course not me. at one point they said Jessica Cho, Lee Young... and i was like ME? no. sad life.. but... at 2:20pm... I HEAR MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I of course, nERvouSslyYYy go to central jury room #5. a good 40 of us stood there, waiting for the lawyer man to come in a question us. And he tells us about the trial and then says that the man last minute pleaded guilty... then..... he said the most glorious, harmonious, angelic words ever, this means, you are all off the case and free to go! OH i saw the halo around his head. it was wonderful. Then he told us to go out the back because he didn't want the other jurors to see us singing and dancing our way out (something I definitely did).

Then I got my certificate of proof and got my bum outta there! Caught the next bus out to MA (5 pm) and here I am now, blogging.... when i should be sleeping because it is 11:15pm and I have work tomorrow!

have a great night! -j
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