Jan 16, 2009 |
best idea ever.


My dad always has chinese take out buckets that he keeps around the house. Every time he passes one, he puts his hands in his pocket, pulls out his change, and throws it in the buckets. Eventually, (doesn't take that long for my dad cus he always has lots of change) the buckets get full. Because I'm too lazy to do this whole bucket around the house deal, I just let him do it, and I love getting the buckets of coins.

Some people have told my dad, "why are you being so cheap? why don't you just give her money?" (which my dad responds "she wants it") and then people like my sister probably just think I'm dumb because i carry a huge heavy bag from NY back to boston (except not anymore because now she wants in :P)

Well my friends, let me tell you, #1, its a great way to pick out quarters and do your laundry! I have a huge bag of quarters now and will not need to go to the bank to get more quarters for the rest of the year! #2, this one bucket of now with almost no quarters... it made...

DUN DUN DUN.........

107 dollars!

yup! so now all these heavy coins are dolla dolla bills (well actually an amazon giftcard)

Moral of the story?

if you want to
consider keeping your change. It'll make you bundles!

byee :) -j

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