Looong Time!

Jun 28, 2009 |
I have so much i want to update about!!!

My sister's Shower
It was a long process of planning and self laminating (never again will I make a recipe book because I like the intricate detailing of the photo album book!), but it was all worth it in the end because when I get a text from my sister that says "thanks see see best day ever and best birthday ever!" it makes me feel like... YES! I did something right!! BUT i am so glad it's over. I stressed about saying things right, making deadlines for all of the things i needed to do, annoying people, hahah but YAY its done! and now i'm planning the bach party <3

here are some pics of the night:

oh how i will not miss the kids one bit this summer. SO excited for all the fun things I'll be doing! :) Going home, spending time with my sister, jason mraz concert, lake george, going on little vacays, my sister wedding! yay it will a very exciting 2 months!! :)))

long dresses
I used to be freaked out about long dresses. literally, i looked at girls and were like... u either look like u r a hippie, or u look freaky! like you want to wear a ballgown but u're not. I bought my first one from Old Navy (for SO cheap!) thinking, it's cheap, but i probably won't ever wear it. lol (like all my clothes :-x) I wore it yesterday and i felt... GREAT IN IT! hhahahha I felt SO ... POWERFUL! it was so fun! I'm actually looking forward to getting more! (hopefully that are a little shorter so when i walk up the stairs i don't trip HEHE!)

Back to the Gym :(
So before my sister's wedding not only do i need to spray tan (get rid of this fugly farmer's tan from school), I have to get back to the gym. Sigh. I'm taking these couple of weeks before I go home to NY to go to the gym all the time and take the classes that I couldn't take because of work. so hopefully my butt will be a little bit tighter, my armpit fat will be a little smaller, and I have a little bit less cellulite everywhere. SIGH! and its not helping that felix made me cookies and i eat 3 a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boo!

wow look at that! a foursie update in one! you were so lucky today! hahaha hopefully i can get back into the gear of updating more often : ) BYE! -j
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