I guess it runs in the family...

Jul 14, 2009 |
I have a habit of over packing things... basically having a TON of stuff... all the time, everywhere. And then I will buy more, and stuff things more. HAHA. I know pretty ridiculous..

My sister has a habit of seeing ONE thing she likes and buying it in every color and flavor there is. She will have like.. 5 of the same exact shirt in different colors.

Then i thought, this is SO rando, where would we get these random habits?

Today I found out:

here is my dad. loving on haagen daaz ice cream and buying it in every flavor in the world, over stuffing the fridge.

and if you're not convinced of his buying stuff and not knowing when to stop and his buying stuff in every flavor and color... here's the ice maker with three extra pints at the top of the freezer :P

oh, we are totally from the same family :)
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