the crazy period

Aug 14, 2009 |
OMG. i haven't updated in so long. I have so much to update about but don't have my camera cord to upload my hilar pictures!! boo :(

anyways.. because of all this craziness with my sister's wedding/having to clean up our house, and everyone going insane, i cursed out loud for the first time in a really long time.

my dad was telling me to clean this garbage room that hasn't been cleaned in a long time, yet most of the stuff was not mine. -- basically i didn't even know how to clean it! and the whole day my sister and i have been doing her favors and place cards all day. After I got upset, went upstairs, teared/cried a bit.

I came downstairs, and my sister goes TUH-Y (what she calls me lol).. are you okay? and i say in such a fresh tone "I ain't nobody's BITCH"

then i went upstairs and cried more to my boyfriend saying "I was so upset, I said the word bitch!"

lol now anytime I boss felix... let's guess what he shouts...

hahaha hope ur summer is relaxing :)
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