the big day has finally passed...

Aug 25, 2009 |
finally the wedding is over.. and i feel so tired/relaxed/bored/sad/happy my body is going crazy!!!

it was a beautiful day (i'm glad my dad fought with the manager to have it outside since it didn't rain ONE drop. thank god, stupid manager!), a beautiful bride, and a beautiful moment.

the beautiful newly weds:

the beautiful bride and our papa:

my two beautiful best friends that helped me get through it all:

(PLUS i stole this pic from tiff and the polaroids from Steph!! THANKS! <3)

and extra thanks to my boo who became everyone's b*tch and did slave work for my family, but remained a trooper through the craziness. you are the most wonderful person in the world and I love you more and more every day :)
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