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Sep 10, 2009 |
i can't believe i am still not sleeping. UGH!

i wish this was an exciting post, but its not! lol. i had lots of great post ideas, but i got lazy. so sad right? HAHA.

anyways my two idols in life have always been mariah carey and rachael lampa... and because mariah became a crazy diva that sucks at singing now, i am still hearting on rachael lampa!! i was catching up on her blog, and isn't it funny? She and I both blogged about ADELE! LOL!

anyway-- as she is away being a backup singer for jordin sparks-- SO COOL, she was on idol too that time when jordin sang battlefield! , i was sitting faithfully waiting for her to produce some music. sigh.

i listened to one of her songs and it brought tears to my eyes. the melody of this song and the meaning behind it.. so beautiful.. and now i feel emo and can't sleep. LOL!

so beautiful-- give it a listen :)

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