i <3 fall shoes.

Sep 16, 2009 |
i lied. i love fall things in general, but i love shoes alll year round. avatar believes that i have a shoe addiction, which haha... is totally true, but WHATEVER shoes make a person SO beautiful! it decides if someone is a fashionISTA or a fashionDONT! :)

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the western style boots now (imagine how cute, a nice plaid shirt, messily untucked on top of dark skinny jeans with a BEAUTIFUL pair of western boots!!!!!!!! AHHH i wanna die thinking about it now!) and i found the perfect beautiful boot.

these boots look like a beautiful soft horse on a ranch.<3 too bad it is made by frye and is 352 dollars-- if i'm lucky its 348... lol. :( is it worth the investment? All the reviews say yes, but i'm thinking, i'll have to find a cheaper alternative. wah!

oh well. time to do some more online shopping ;) -J
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