marshmellow towers

Sep 24, 2009 |
a couple weeks back we did a project with the kids with marshmellows and dry spaghetti. We told them to make the tallest marshmellow towers they can. In all honesty through out the whole project, they were excited, but more excited that they were playing with marshmellows. SO many times kids would ask, can i eat them? And I'd have to say ... "no... because we're touching them, they get on the tables, and on the floor, and they are pretty dirty! BUT if you can wait it out, I will give you ALL a marshmellow to enjoy at the end" Many of them waited. Many of them picked little pieces off their hands and ate it. Many of them pretended to eat it because they REALLY wanted to eat it. Many of them ate it "without me looking"... such a joy to watch kids try to wait it out. I wish I could show you how funny it was to watch them struggle and test their will power! And then along came this video......

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

enjoy! -J

ps. most of them got their marshmellows at the end :)
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