If I were to count the reasons why I love CVS...

Oct 15, 2009 |
we would all die. there are just too many reasons why I absolutely LOVE this place!

I already accepted myself as a garbage buying, extra buck collecting, spend 50 and get 10 dollars off, CVS manic, but now I have another to add to the list!

So the other day I bought this:

Oh dear, the bottle must be tinted or something, bc when i put that mineral shiz on, i looked like a geisha. I could like slap on some red lipstick around my lips and be a clown, it was awful. anddd so in true fashion, i washed the brush, capped it, and looked for the receipt, then i was like DANG, i forgot i threw it out!!!! I was leaving the next day for NY, so I didn't think I would want to go back!

Thank God for Malaina, who is probably the only one that reads my blog haha (THANKS!), who willingly went with me to CVS, where I asked if I could maybe return it.....? I thought "no way, they would never let me".. but OMG how wrong I was. I didn't know my CVS at all!! CVS is such a kind friendly environment! They have a FULL REFUND WHEN YOU RETURN NEW OR USED MAKE UP NO QUESTIONS ASKED WITH A RECEIPT policy. oh but I didn't have a receipt... so they sooo kindly and easily just gave me CVS credit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, I ended up buying more make up, but how AMAZING is that!? Aren't they worried that people are just going to use make up they love, then return it, so they could buy a new one at the same price? LOL never have to pay for make up again hahaha! i am imagining it now, i go to return empty make up so i can get a new one. haha... ghet-to.

go CVS! support CVS! go buy something from there now!
(if you spend 20 bucks on candy, you get 5$ extrabucks LOL) -J
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