Oct 19, 2009 |
So I was out with one of my favorite friends, Laura ;) -- who is another faithful reader, tonight and reminded me of how crazy things happened in my life last year. I wonder myself how I got through these situations... but somehow I did. So I thought it would be funny to do a What Would You Do? post, because it really was a strange situation.....

So last year, I worked as a personal care attendant, caring for a wonderful lady that was in a wheelchair. I did her laundry, dishes, bed, cleaning, etc. One day I was helping her do her laundry and as I was transferring the clothes from the washer to dryer, I noticed there was something left over in the washer. As someone walks in (and my washer is the only one he could use), I realize that the "thing" in the washer was a POOP pellet. a HUMAN POOP pellet. Now, a person is coming--the person who is kind of crazy so you don't want to be near him kinda deal.., so if you leave the poo this person will think YOU left ur poo in the washer. If you throw the poo out, he will think you are weird for having to throw something out with a shirt, if you squish it.. that's just serious nast...anyways.. so, WWYD?

Of course, in my awesome fashion, because someone is coming, I flip out, and grabbed one of her shirts, and picked up the pellet and threw it in the corner between the washer and dryer. Literally, I chucked it because that is freaking sick.

haha weird situation huh? So moral of the story, if you don't know what to do, just:

:) in other news, happy birthday to Kevin! Someone I have never met, but somehow reads my blog. (creep).. JK! he's my dear Malaina's boyfriend- who i hope has a wonderful day since he got freaking AMAZING gifts from his g/f!!!
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