Pre-Taiwan Videos

Feb 20, 2010 |
So we decided to take some videos before taiwan (since dave has never been before!) and on the plane and some sillies :)

Vid 1: Dave, What do you think Taiwan will be like? :)
He has always loved laughing at the calendar picture of my dad's side of the family that sits in our office wall at my dad's house. He especially loves my uncle who just happens to be attempting to fly during the picture taking.

Vid 2: Most miserable lady ever.
My sister and I started to get a little bit restless (and we weren't even on the plane yet) and this lady was SO miserable all snoring and sighing (yes, i got really nervous recording her, which is why the clip of just her is so short LOL)- I guess she couldn't wait to get back to taiwan cus we saw her again at baggage claim in taiwan and she was so happy and alive! whoohooo!

Vid 3: Sausage Toes.
HAHA. i think my sister will probably be embarrassed (sorry!) but remember them swollen feet after ur flight? we could not get enough.

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