Feb 20, 2010 |
so i'm back! sad i didn't get to update while i was there - i mean when you have grandparents that are mad old and then on the other side- family from the south, you don't really get a chance to come on the internet! luckily- i got most of taiwan on video, so I am going to relive the taiwan days with you guys for the next couple of days!! :) man, aren't you lucky!

it was a great time filled with TONS of food, family, laughs, and strawberry&yogurt slurpees. can't believe I'm back already and have work on monday. drag. what a drag...

back in boston already. miss my dad :(( while we were on the drive back he texted my sister and she didn't respond, so he texted me--
dad -"does sharon force sleep?"
I never realized that "force sleep" and "fall asleep" sounded alike until he texted me that! haha. so cute. i can't believe its only been 6 hours since i last saw him and i miss him already!

stay tuned buds! videos to come!
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