The Beauty Movement!

Nov 27, 2010 |
I'm so excited to be sharing this movement with you all!!!

The Beauty Movement collects beauty products and personal hygiene items that can be given to women whose current situation does not allow them to purchase these little luxuries.

How did this all start??

This is Cortney's (the founder of this movement) story:
About a year ago while teaching a group makeup application class, I met the most amazing young lady and she changed my life forever. We came to the point in the class where I spent one on one time with the girls, going through their makeup collection and I would make suggestions of products to add to their collection, products they should "toss out", and how to use their current products most effectively. As I peered into the grocery bag she had brought, the few products I saw seemed foreign to me. The labels were worn and the packaging was nothing I recognized. As I opened each container, I realized why this was. The cream products were very stale, the liquids were oily and separated, and the eyeshadows were broken and in the most gaudy colors. It was very apparent these products were many years old. She could sense my hesitation and began to explain her situation. She was a single mother of 3 beautiful babies, who was living with and caring for her grandmother who was very ill. She admitted she never really wears makeup but wanted to feel pretty again. {My heart broke} Since her hands were more than full at home, she had no other choice but to go on food stamps to take care of her kids and her grandma, and food stamps does not cover personal hygiene products or makeup so she had gone without the luxuries of "girly" body wash or perfume, and even used a 3 YEAR OLD RAZOR to shave her legs. When her friend invited her to the class and told her to bring her makeup to the class, she found a small collection of products in her grandmothers bathroom drawer, and that's what she brought. I immediately know what I had to do. After the class, we exchanged contact info, and the next day I surprised my new friend with a basket filled with makeup, toiletries, perfume, candle, nail polish, and a cute little cosmetic bag. The reward was immediate. She teared up then smiled the biggest smile, and I knew I had to help out more women like her. ~And so Beauty Movement was born~

After reading about this, my two good friends and I got together and pooled together some of our make up and boxed them up (we'll be doing it again in a week or two) and will ship them out before Christmas rolls around. It was so exciting and fun to come together and do this. I'm so excited about this movement and to get involved with it. I know that many of us, especially us beauty freakazoids (lol) have tons of make up that just lie around being unused - now it can really go to good use :)

You can learn more about The Beauty Movement by clicking here
or you can 'like' their facebook by clicking here

Big Thank you to Laura and Dot for getting involved with me :)

Also, look out for my first BLOG sale in December! All proceeds will go to The Beauty Movement!!

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Saf ♥ said...

Amazing! I love this story! What a great way to put a smile on someone's face. How can I be a part of this?

Jess said...

hi love thanks for stopping by! you can either donate your new or used make up or hygiene products (guidelines are on the site!), donate money, support them by liking on facebook (they update with info!), be a volunteer (check to see if there are any sorting places in your area) or become a media sponsor to spread the world (like what i'm doing!) hope this helps!!!

hope you join in ! xoxo

Saf ♥ said...

Your Blog is adorable, by the way :)

I would like to get involved so I checked out the Beauty Movement Website for more information... However, I live in Canada! LOL. Since it isn't so easy for me.. maybe I could donate money or do something else?

It's a great cause, and I would love to be a part of it.

Maybe I can help spread the word as well?


Jess said...

aww thanks hun! yours is awesome too!!! yes!! any little thing you could do is a big change that you are making!!! :) all those things you said were awesome-- spreading the word would be great too!!! I wish that this movement could get more recognition! it's awesome! haha :) xo

ur blog is super cute too! i followed both of them!

Saf ♥ said...

Thank you Jess! Much appreciated! :) I will definately spread the word to my friends on my blog and facebook, and try and do what I can from my small city in Canada.

Hey! By the way, I bought a name necklace from the same Etsy store that you had written a blogpost about. I have been looking to get a name necklace done for a while now, but I haven't found anything that I really liked.

Then I came across your blog post, checked out the store and made an order. I had even mentioned your blogpost to April (on etsy) and she was pleased to hear that I had found out about her necklaces through your blog! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have found that necklace! :)

Keep the great work.

Ritzyy said...

This sounds like an amazing idea <3 I want in!!! hehe I'll check out the site and I watched the whole vid with you and ur buddies MISS U ROOOOMS

Jess said...

Saf- OMG YAY! I canNOT wait to see it! I hope you post it when you get it!!!! :) xoxo

Ritz - YAY! can't wait to see you <3

Jenna Rae said...

what a great idea!!! i throw away soo much stuff! now i'm going to donate!! i'm already thinking of stuff i have at home :P

Unknown said...

thanks for posting about this! I have a lot of lightly used makeup and it's such a wasted that they just have to sit there :(

But I think the links in your post are broken..? I just get redirected to

Jess said...

hey love! i actually am going to do a new post about this when i can (it's finals at grad school right now!) but a girl contacted me that worked closely with the program... and some shady stuff went down, so I am definitely going to keep you guys posted and find a new awesome place to donate to!

Saf ♥ said...

Jess: Please do! I was about to do a blogpost on The Beauty Movement and I had the same issue!

Thanks, xx.

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