Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 25, 2010 |
This was one of the most relaxed thanksgivings I've had in a while... it's almost come to an end and there are so many things i'm thankful for...! I spent the whole day with my dad. .. just me and my dad, and it was perfect!

I'm so thankful that he invites me home every time I come.
I'm so thankful that he makes sure all my sheets and blankets are washed every time before I come home.
I'm so thankful that he takes the time to cook all my favorite foods.
I'm so thankful that we had popeyes, mashed potatoes and whole fish for thanksgiving lol
I'm so thankful to know that even though I get hot in the middle of the night and kick the blanket off my feet while i'm sleeping, i know that he will always pop in my room and fix my blanket.

I'm in tears writing this because i'm so moved by his love and care! -but now i must get some rest if i want to get my booty up to shnag some good deals for black friday!!!


i'm so thankful for you!

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