FLOWER kabuki brush?!?!?

Jan 25, 2011 |
So I was on Sephora.com looking for a retractable kabuki brush because I wanted to keep on in my bag with some powder in it just to touch up my face... one thing led to another and I came across this.

Okay sorry for the rudeness.. I've had an extremely long day, but omg is this not the FUNNIEST thing you've ever seen? Yes, I would probably purchase this because of its complete and utter cuteness.. and because its pink.. and because i really love flower and heart things... but let's be honest here.. i'm not exactly sure what kind of purpose this serves being in this flower shape. 

bhahaha. when i saw this, i just died laughing. if and when people buy this (because I probably will), i will be fully convinced that appearance of a product will always get people. 

What do you guys think? Would you pick up this little sucker? ;) 

I wonder if it is in store to test out. LOL. see.. now i'm thinking about buying something I wasn't even looking for to begin with... this is how the vicious cycle starts.... 

have a great week everyone! xo

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Unknown said...

ahha so ridiculous...the bigger one is kinda cool

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