LUSH 2011 Valentine's Products !!

Jan 21, 2011 |
I was so excited to know that the LUSH by my apt had the Valentine's products in already!!! Thank God I didn't have to order it from online and WAIT LONGER! :P (true lushie here. yikes!)

Without further ado, here are the LUSH 2011 Products!!!
Some are from last year's Valentine's Day (the good ones!) and some are new!!! :)

 Here is the spread of all the new valentine's day products! so darling and so cute :) LOVE!!! 

 Here's a newbie!
so cute, this little froggie - not sure if this smells like any products i've had from lush. it smells a bit like jasmine and a little bit like flowers, its a pretty normal, standard smell, nothing bad or good. BUT look how cute he is!! and his lips are made of cocoa butter for an extra smooth and moisturizing bath! 

 The Ex-Factor was a goodie last year. I really enjoyed this product.
It's a delicious butterball scent - but to me a little bit better because it is a bit sweeter.
it's a nice sweet vanilla scent. So divine! I like how you can RIP him into pieces.. Muhahah!! 

 THE MAGIC MUSHROOM!!!! this was a product i wish i had stocked up on last year when it was still out. I seriously MISSED this product throughout the year. This year I will make sure to keep it around. :P It's got the most beautiful, subtle strawberry vanilla scent (similar to the discontinued ..i think.. yummy yummy yummy). so nice. by far my fave. 

 Lastly is a soap called Love Birds! 
 Unfortunately, I got a nasty, ugly plain white chunk of this!! but that's okay :P The top actually has this really pretty lavender/pink, green and blue cherry blossom-esque pattern. It's quite pretty. It smells like the new bath bomb keep it fluffy... jasmine with a hint of vanilla. It smells a little bit more like jasmine to me... with a hint of sweet. It's nice, but not what i would think jasmine vanilla would smell like... does that make sense? lol!

Lastly, this is a new product that recently came out. I heard stock is REALLY limited - like most stores got one shipment and once it's gone its gone! it smells like honey lemon tea... it's quite lovely! I thoroughly enjoy this scent (probably because i drink too much bubble tea)... but beyond that its quite thick and is a really nice shower gel. I'm not very keen on LUSH's shower gels, conditioners or soaps, but this one is probably one of the better out of the bunch! 

Overall, I'm really impressed with their Valentine's Day line. The ones I liked are back and the new ones are not too bad either. Go and pick yours up when you can! They are already available on the LUSHUSA site (LUSH UK site has been hacked, so you can make phone orders there). :)

Much love <3

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Unknown said...

awww the mushroom is so cuteeee!

Unknown said...

oo i can only imagine how great these smell! :)

btw, just posted a thank you post for your giveaway ^_^

i love love love all the stuffff so much!

<3 Lisa

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