Hautelook Deal of the Day: Lucien Piccard

Jan 20, 2011 |
 The Deal of the Day for Haute look is the Lucien Piccard Gold and Rhodium plated Pearl Necklaces.

Usually I am very aware of hautelook sales and have in mind all the brands I'm going to purchase from, but this one surprised me! I saw it and thought, I love this!!! I picked up the pink beaded necklace (although from the picture i like the white one, but i know i would regret it if i didn't get the pink one), and in between the pink pearls, there are swarovski crystals. So timeless and beautiful! The best part is... can you believe the price? It's only 26 dollars off a retail of $150!!! What a steal! Plus, I had a $10 off coupon, so my total came to only about 22 bucks! whoohoo!! (I had to pay tax and shipping, whomp)

Sign Up and pick up yours today! --they also have michael todd sales and stuff. i made a huge effort to NOT look at that one :P
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Dorothy said...

I got one too, but in white!

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