Black Liquid Eyeliner Comparisons

I have an OBSESSION with liquid liners. I MUST have two make up products on my face at all times and those two products are liquid eyeliner and concealer (I even have both these products to work out hAHA!!!) I've tried probably over 25 different liquid liners in my lifetime, but these are the three I'm currently using up.

All three products are brush tip applicators, which I don't mind. I actually haven't decided if I like brush tip or felt tip better. I always lean toward felt tip since it gives a juicier application, which could be quite difficult for beginners to love.

 Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper: This has an extremely precise tip (as you can see). It is also the softest and most bendable tip. This allows the application to be extremely comfortable on your eye. This is probably best for beginners, but for me, because I like to do my eyeliner in one stroke, it gets quite squishy and I find that I have to draw my line a bit slower.

The pigmentation of this liner is black, but is not black compared to other liners I have tried. It also was the easiest to bleed and come off out of the three liners. 2-4 rubs, and the product will fade.

 Eve Pearl: I actually really love this liner. I've used it for about 7 months before the color really started to wear out. This and the Dolly Wink liquid liner are almost identical to me except the packaging is different. The brush tip is a bit stiffer than the KVD, but glides on smoothly. The downside to this, as you can see - is that the brush tip split, which made the application extremely annoying when I could only apply it from certain sides. Pushing the brush tip together was no use either. I hope that this was just a crappy one and that they are not ALL like that!

The application is extremely smooth and the pigmentation is very black. It is not waterproof, but will remain on my eyes all day. Three to five rubs will make the color fade.

 MUFE: This is one of the blackest blacks I've seen. It is extremely long wearing (I wore it swimming),  but the thing about it is if you are an extreme blinker or if you tamper with the liner too much (stretch it, rub it, etc.), the liner will flake off. 4-5 rubs and this product will flake off.

The actual brush is shorter than most, allowing for an extremely precise line, but is extremely hard and stiff. I have a very difficult time making my eye feel comfortable when applying if I wanted to make a very thin line. I usually just use it on its side and get a line of medium thickness.

top to bottom: MUFE, Eve Pearl, KVD

As you can see from the swatches, MUFE is clearly the blackest. The eve pearl probably gets to around the same blackness, but you have to remember, the MUFE and the KVD are both NEW liners whereas I've had the Eve Pearl liner for about 8 months now. The EP after 8 months is still a bit darker than the KVD, which as you can see by the swatch, is a bit bleedy. Of the three, I would probably go out of my way to repurchase the Eve Pearl, which is a hefty $29 (I got it half off during christmastime) or a cheaper dupe, the Dolly Wink ($16-19). 

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