Vegas gave me foot cramp

Sep 1, 2011 |
Jess and I finally back from Vegas, it was a crazy trip, much longer than we wanted. Since we been there for so long, I thought it would be good to write about the good n bad about the trip.

Good & Bad (some of them are both)

Jess went with me (even tho she grums and had a lot of attatuille)

Crane machine (about 20 stuff animals decided to come home with me)

Earl Sandwich place (had 6 sandwiches and want more)

Gamble a little (just a little bit)

Mcdonald sweet tea (too much sweets)

Nice pictures (no topless ones tho)

$5 dollar gelato (Jess want it badly)

$5 dollar pretzel (Jess was hungry)

$20 dollar Deal or No-deal game (Jess was in a gambling mood)

Jabbawockeez (Jess was almost crying cause tickets were sold out)

Washing undies in bathroom tub (Jess great idea works!)

While i was playing the Domo crane machine, I got Domo on the claw, and then Jess started to laugh real hard, then it fell straight back down, I think its the vibration of her laugh.

Jess ate food (VEGGIES) from Sbarro and felt really sick =( she then tells me happily that she puked in the bathroom 2 times! I told her that's why I don't eat veggies

Getting Royal Flash on the video poker... but only 5 dollar came out cause its a 5 cents machine.

Doing Dancing Head from a machine.

Getting 6 foot callus from walking around, Jess pop one water balloon and I pop 5.

Jess almost got heart attack from slot machine.

Went to Lush twice and I made a bubble bath with Jess

The phone number to the Girls Direct is 702-696-9696 (why so easy?)

Im tired now, I sleep, goodnite

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