Brand new shoe man

Aug 3, 2011 |
last week me and jess and her sister Sharon went to Mcdonald drive-thru to pick up some sundae, as the person hands me the sundae, Sharon said she want the nuts that comes with the sundae, I told her HECK NO I will not ask another person for nuts.

I usually don't buy shoes, the last pair of shoes i brought were 3-5 years ago, last week I went to buy shoes with Jess and Sharon, I brought 3 pairs, Jess was proud of me cause I finally got some decent looking shoes. One day Jess was grumgrum and was a lil rude to me, so I look at her, gave her a light smack on her cheeks (not butt, face) and said " Why you talking to me like that? I got new shoes son!"
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