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Before I begin reviewing anything for you, I need to tell you all a story. It's one of those stories from childhood that scar you to become who you are today... you know one of those? yeah.... and if you are completely against reading stories of my life... feel free to skip to after  **end story** for the review ;)

So it all started in 2nd grade. I was kinda the chubby girl that was too tall for her age, asian and kinda awkie. I wore thick a$$ tights with holes in the crotch with even thicker -- too long, so i have to push them down -- bright socks and some weird pink suede shoes. Yeah, that was me. Let's move on.

Anyway, everyone was super nice to each other... well, because we were in 2nd grade, so no one knew the difference between fat, ugly, annoying, weird, black, white, etc. awesome times. anyway there was this girl in the class, she was really pretty, but her eyes were kinda big and they kinda freaked me out a little, but i couldn't say anything because everyone was really nice to each other. Every day, she smelled like coconut oil. I dunno if her parents bathed her in it, or just drenched her hair in it, or just sprayed her down on her way out the door, but EVERY DAY without fail, she reeeeeked of coconut oil.

Months pass by, and its time for scoliosis and lice checks. The nurse would come into the classroom and in the corner check every child. (not even in the privacy of the nurse's office!) Well, well well, our little coconut-ty big eyed friend here had a little case of liceeeyyy... i mean which wasn't a big deal because i'm pretty sure like 6 other kids did too... but then later that day, there was a ROACH. in her hair. no joke. a HUGE FLIPPING ROACH walking along in her hair. and i was like OMGGGG THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE LICE REAL BAD.

so the moral of the story is... that any time i smell the smell of coconut oil, i actually think of lice.

**end story** 

Here's the thing. I LOVE coconut oil though. the benefits of it are just AMAZING for so many parts of your body - for your hair, your skin, your nails, for everything! It's an amazing multi purpose product. I love adding it in face masks, hair masks, foot masks, but i would NEVER dare to use it alone. EVER. . . because, i think of... lice.


michelle came into my life and introduced me to 

Adara coconut oil

It comes in FIVE SIX delicious scents.
(The unscented one that I dare not touch or acknowledge) 
The scents are perfectly blended with the coconut oil 
so neither one really overpowers another. And I love that.
I'm the kinda girl that likes good blends, and adara does it right
(ie. i don't really like the smell of vanilla, but i love the smell 
of raspberry vanilla or lavender vanilla...) 

They retail for $12 each, which may seem pricy for 2oz size, 
but if you think about it.. 
Josie Maran's argan oil at 1.7oz is $48...
so this is a pretty dang sweet deal. 


A bit about the coconut oil: it does crystallize when its cooler,
it becomes icy looking and awesome, but since its been so hot,
its been liquidy here. but just run them under warm water and
they will become liquid quickly!

Coconut oil also feels very similar to argan oil and olive oil
on the skin.. i mean.. they are all.. oil. HAHA but i do believe
 that the coconut oil didn't feel as 'oil-y' on my face as other
oils did. It felt less clogged up.

Now finally, onto the flavors! :) 

My favorite, by far is the peach one! It literally smells like
peach rings (with just a hint of that coconut oil smell). I
find this one to be the perfect one to use on my body. It has
just the right amount of yumminess smell to not gross
anyone out if its all over your skin!
My second favorite is the green tea
I like to use this in the morning. I 
find this one to be a bit more uplifting,
so I loved using this to moisturize my
face in the morning.

The next one is the lavender one. 
This one is really wonderful too.
I like to use this to take off my make
up at night time. It has such a nice
relaxing and calming scent. This one
would probably be amazing in a bath
(just a few drops) or used for a massage,
but i have yet to do that! :)

I love jasmine smells... especially in my hair. 
I decided to try this one as a hair mask and i 
LOVEDDD the lingering smell it left in my hair.
Reminds me of LUSH's godiva shampoo bar. 
dang, makes me wanna get another bar of that!

Lastly, the rose scent. I'm not a huge rose person,
but I don't mind it. I haven't used all that much of
this, but I have mixed it with the lavender or the
green tea to make my own personalized scent
(which is SUPER fun btw!)


Speaking of mixing scents, you know how when 
you have jelly belly jelly beans and 
you mix them to make new unique flavors? 
Well... my favorite combo?? 

Peach + Green Tea = snapple peach iced tea. 

flipping amazing.

you will love this, seriously. and i'm not saying this because i think michelle is the bomb.com for sending me these goodies, which i totally think she is anyway, but its honestly because i have a love for coconut oil and for the first time i'm not scared of the scent!!!! 

I was sent these from hipapotheca.com  which should be launching in a couple of weeks. If you sign up before their launch, you can get a sample kit of goodies JUST for signing up and on top of that, you can get a FREE bottle of adara coconut oil with your first purchase!!!.... but you would've already known that... if you read this. ;) 

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Ritzyy said...

gimeeeeee hahaha that sounded bratty.. but now i want peach tea.. to drink. so give some to ur awesome adopted lil sister :D

or when im back in the US i'll check it out.

ima go with the first :)

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