My Recommendations for the Sephora FF Sale :)

Oct 21, 2011 |
I save all my sephora gift cards for this moment.... and I sit and eye all the products like a hawk and now it is finally time to SPLURGE!!!! 

Before I begin to tell you my picks, do NOT forget to order your products through! If you just go through that site and click on sephora, you get 4% cash back! It's really that simple. I thought it would be annoying, but it is not at all and I've honestly saved a good amount of money through this site!!!! 

Here are my picks this year for the Sephora FF Sale :D 

1) Tarte Matte Trio $34: I LOVE the tarte lipsurgence pencils. Without a doubt, its like the best thing for lazy ass people like me. Sometimes they could be a bit drying, but I like them because its a nice twist up product where you can just keep in your pocket. Usually they are a hefty 24 bucks, so this set is DEFINITELY worth its price. I absolutely have been loving the matte finish for fall. It looks beautiful and effortless and these pencils really help do the job! 

2) Jurlique kit $50: This is an AMAZING deal for $50 bucks. It has some of my favorite products including the rosemist water (which I was always too cheap to buy) and the herbal recovery gel! I've had their sanitizer, and its standard with a really nice organic smell. I'm excited to try out the hand cream too! I love rose scents! This is the perfect set to get someone for christmas!!! 

3) UD 24/7 Shadow Pencil Kit $34: AMAZING set of neutrals and pops of colors! I've never tried these, but I heard they are PHENOMENAL!  These are 5 NEARLY full sized pencils for just a mere $34! 

4) Nars Danmari Blush Set $65: This is an awesome way to try a great range of nars blushes. They are amazing for me - with primer on my face, this really lasts and looks beautiful! Each blush is the size of a full size Nars eye shadow, so this is a great value. AND this is a limited set, so I would definitely run on this! 

5) Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer $52: This is my FAVORITE primer of ALLLLLLL time. It glides on smoothly and has SPF and really helps my skin glow and make up stay put. I cannot rave about this product more... the only thing is that it comes at a hefty price. I always want to cry picking this product up since its 50 bucks, but it really makes a world of a difference on your skin. One bottle if I used it every day would probably last me a couple of months. :) 

6) Sephora's best sellers kit $75: Now... this kit is pricy, but i've tried  most of these products before and they did put a great set together! The laura mercier tinted moisturizer is amazing, as is the Nars illuminator and the perfume roller! Also, sin is one of my favorite shades. So I would suggest that if you are a beginner and don't know what to try, this is a great set to try. Also if you've never tried any of these products, its a great set to get!!! :) 
7) Sephora's Favorite Lashstash $45: Are you a mascara junkie? This looks amazinggggg...!!! Well, I'm thinking this looks amazing because I don't usually like to get full size mascaras because I only use mascara once in a while and with the short shelf life of 3 months, I can never get through a whole mascara. This would be PERFECT for me! Especially since there is fairy drops (which is one of my favorites), MUFE Smoky lash which is a GREAT mascara (I use it on all my clients) and I've been wanting to try the Hourglass Noir for a while. This also comes with TWO full size! So worth it? I think so! 

Do you all have any suggestions for the Sephora FF sale?? 
Let me know if you pick any of these products up! 

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Beauty Box said...

These limited edition sets look amazing....! Esp the Jurlique and NARS

Sharon said...

Awesome post! i am so drawn to the NARS blush palette... it's such a great deal!

Cathy of Top beauty Secrets said...

So gorgeous! I love it!

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