Rainy with no chance of sun

Oct 24, 2011 |
This weekend Jess cried a lot, she had a lot of stress in school and work and I think its that "time" of the month again. But crying is good, it helps relieve stress and get it all out.
Jess cried twice on Saturday, when she cries, she look like a baby, so I held onto her and we spin around and she stop crying.
Saturday night she cried again, I didn't do it, not me. but she looks like a baby again, so i told her if she keep crying i will have to take her picture and post it on facebook and do a pic vs pic comparison against a real baby. I also told her girls who cries a lot grows more facial hair.
Sunday she felt sick and she slept alot, she didn't cry sunday cuz she used all her supplies on Saturday. After church I went to eat Subways, the lady charge me 12.50 for my sub, I was slow and didn't catch on. When i got home, I cried.

Jess leveled up-
Water magic is now lvl 2
Felix learns new skill-
Broken Wallet is now lvl 1
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