New Beauty Test Tube > all other boxes

If you follow my facebook, you will know that I firmly now believe that the New Beauty Testtube is the best "monthly" box there is. Now given, you pay 30 dollars rather than 10, BUT it only comes seasonally, meaning it ONLY comes every three months.

I honestly think it's more worth it to get a mix of samples and more than 1 full size product rather than 15-16 little samples that MAYBE i'll use. Plus on top of this, you get the new beauty magazine, which is packed with random but fun info and tips!

I dont have much time, but here is a pic of my haul!

Be Fine Night Cream (this was not in my testtube packet,
so I dont know if its an extra or they put it inside by accident!)

Sample of AHAVA extreme day cream

Spalook giftcard of $50 with a purchase of..100 or more i think? 

Full size of the Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot corrector!
I've been wanting to try this, but it cost $17 -- I'm glad its in here! 

Herbal lavender bath! I need this! 

Full size moroccan Oil shine spray

Sample Kerstin Florian Foot balm

Some Wrinkle Filler, I can't see the brand and am too lazy to go find it :P

Dr. Brandt mattifying lotion! this is awesome! 

Lashfood eyelash conditioner

Some baby sample of something!

gives u an overview of all the products you received

the extremely thick magazine you get

Isn't it so worth it??? :)

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Chicachew said...

Wow that's a rip roaring haul inside a box for $30! Easily a great value - do you have a code I can use to sign up?? ^_^

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