Happpy New Year!!

Jan 2, 2012 |
I have been very lazy lately and did not get a chance to update, i blame it on the weather. too cold makes me want to do nothing but sleep.

Jess and I have been doing a lot of wedding planning lately and thanks to Jess and her expert advice, everything is going smoothly smooth criminal.

This week have truly been a fat boy week, we went to eat sushi buffet in Flushing, then today we eat at all you can eat Korean food. it was definitely foodie overload. it makes me want to sleep afterward. we also had Chatime for 3 times this week. crazy... i know but that's how i roll.

Its a new year so happy new year everyone, its kinda sad that new year came so soon, it means that no more vacation and time to go back to work... work is gonna poop on me hard this winter.. but I'll be a giant toilet paper and wipe it hard back. but I think i'll be good cuz i got Jess and she'll make me feel all better.

Happy new yearrrrrr and happy Martin Luther King Jr day in a few week!!! yay!!!
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