Holika Holika Cream Shadow & Petit Liner

Jan 14, 2012 |
Haha, doesn't this product look like it's some sort of weird time machine device? I love it. At first glance I was automatically intrigued because it is possibly the strangest looking product out there. I would never guess that this was a... makeup product!!!

This is a two in one product. It comes with a wonderful cream shadow that has an extremely unique formula that I quite enjoy, and then a really nice long lasting liner. This may not be my particular color of choice, but I can see why girls in asia rave about this product. Here I have the product in #01 which is the pale lime green color. (Below are the more accurate color swatches)

Here are the swatches of the shadow and the liner:

And for my usual breakdown: 

Texture: The cream shadow has a really magnificent formula. Unlike any American products that I've tried. It feels a bit slick and light, but very creamy - similar to a concealer, but without the tackiness. It's quite a heavenly formula, if you ask me. The pencil is a bit grainy, as it is a liner with glitter in it, but it slides on with ease. It is not the softest of liners, but you will not have to tug your eyes to get the product on.

Pigmentation: As you can see from the swatches, with one swipe, the color is exactly as it is in the package... nice and bright. If you take the product and nicely dab it on your eyelid, you will get a nice even coat of color on your eye. Because light green is not quite my jam, I decided to continue dabbing until I had a nice thin layer. It creates a beautiful pale green color that can be worn alone or as a base to another shadow. The liner is a dark olive color that has some glitter in it - it is quite nice when placed on the lid. It does have a bit of a sheen to it, so it will not look quite as dark as a true olive color. If smudged soon after application, it creates a nice smudgy effect... but if you wait to long, good luck! It won't be budging very well!

Lasting ability: The lasting ability wore quite well, although I have to admit, most products last quite well on my eyes. I do not have oily lids (only watery eyes haha) and I have monolids, so I do not have too much crease action going on. With the sheer application, the color seemed to fade a bit as the day went on, but as a base, the cream shadow really did its part in enhancing colors and making them last. The liner, although a bit harder to apply than other liners, lasted quite nicely on my lids, although the liner near my outer corners did not last because of my watery eyes (this is standard for any pencil liners for me including MUFE and UD24/7).

Scent: no scent! :)

Price: The price may seem a bit steep at $17, but it is similar in price to a Mac paint pot - and in all fairness, this is a similar (but not that similar -- only similar in how you use them lol) product that INCLUDES a little liner freebie!

Overall: I was really impressed with this product and the unique formula of the shadow and packaging. Although the liner was cute, I would've been equally as happy with just the shadow... even though it DOES make it extremely travel friendly. :D The one downside is I wish they had more colors to offer! They do have three more "neutral" (beige & browns) colors, but I am not quite sure where I can find them, since P&C only offers three colors.

Pros: Packaging, texture of cream shadow, lasting ability
Cons: limited colors, liner can be tough to apply at times

You can purchase the Holika Holika cream shadow & liner duo here at prettyandcute.com

*sent by P&C 
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Elisa ♥ said...

it looks interesting, might try this one out.. i love weird packaging xD lol

Unknown said...

loving the unique packaging!

Catherine Fishback said...

I love the shape of it!

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