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Jan 7, 2012 |
Much of Felix and my relationship was long distance where I kind of lived my life and he lived his life and our lives came together every other weekend. My life was pretty healthy in that I ate and cooked at home a lot, did a good amount of walking, was enrolled in a gym and did lots of activities with children that were more active.

Ever since I moved back to New York -- Living in NYC and adjusting to Felix's life styles were tough. As Felix and I spent more time together, we began eating out more (since the city has so many options and half the time I didn't have a kitchen) and I took on Felix's odd hour eating habits. He also has a love for fast food, which I naturally picked up as well. Sadly, I can honestly say that we've both gained weight since the early years.. :(

This year, Felix and I are getting married YAY, which soon, we'll be living together... which can go in two directions:

it can make it even easier for our lifestyle together to become a more "living to eat" mentality, especially since we both love food... 

we can begin to build good eating, exercise and living habits together so we can begin taking on a more healthy lifestyle - which can not only help us live longer (lol) but can also be passed down to our family, friends and in the long run... our children. 

so... that is how we decided for our "New Years Resolution"  (AKA LIFETIME resolution), Felix and I are going to embark on the Weight Watchers Online program together. Although I've tried it before and was 'eh' with it, I lacked a motivation to really get healthy, get involved in a community and build accountability with others. This time around, with Felix by my side it helps to give me the motivation to work toward healthier lives for our future-- and it's always cool to have a tool to help us track just how much we are eating.

We decided to choose WW over other plans because this is closest to our own lives.. - it's more about changing your lifestyle. That way, when we do get "off" off WW, we would've developed good habits that don't necessarily have to change. Other plans, if you get food sent to you and you spend a ton, what happens when you stop using their plan? You will obviously revert to what you know... and thus, gaining back all the weight that you lost! 

In addition to that, one of my classmates, good friends and fellow blogger/wordpress-er, has been on WW.. and she got featured on their site! You can check out the story here... but I was so impressed with her story and her dedication and motivation, I was like OK.. now I have a bit of community and accountability to go along with my whole plan. So thanks Robyn for encouraging me to join! xx

So here I am, pouring our my thoughts to you - because we need your help to keep us accountable for our actions and thoughts. I will try my best to post weekly about our progress and what we've been learning and some of our struggles along the way! I'm super excited (and hope to stay that way!) - Can't wait to share this journey with you all!

Right now, they are having a deal - if you join for 3 months, you don't have to pay the start up fee of 29.95. So you just have to pay the 18.95/month! whoohoo! So for any of you that have been THINKING about it - it's worth a shot, and we can be WW friends ;)
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robyn said...

OMG! I am SO PROUD of you and so excited to be WW buds. Love!!!


Wendy Bentley said...

proud of you jessicer! love you!

Claudia Moser said...

Funny, I started also with WW!

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