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Jan 6, 2012 |
I get a lot of questions from my viewers and readers daily... many of them being the same questions! So I decided to make a post of Frequently Asked Questions I get from you all :)

1. Why don't you show your face in any of your videos or posts?
This is the #1 question I get asked... and honestly, I'm going to say... it's a personal preference. I prefer this for a number of reasons. #1: I work in the special education field. Even being in the education field, there are always parents and other people searching for you to see what you are up to. In the sped world, the searching gets up-ed a notch. I would just rather not have to deal with that. #2: I'm here for the products. I began my channel to share things I love and tutorials to help you all - not necessarily to sell my personality or good looks (lol!! jk). I am 100% completely dedicated to showing you all good products and teach you all I know!! #3: I like my privacy. There is just something about having your face displayed on the internet that makes me feel embarrassed and uneasy at times! Kudos to those that do do that!

1b. But you USED to show your face!!!!
Yes I did. Then a parent found my youtube channel which started my freak out stage - then I went to grad school and completely changed my mind and decided to take my face out. It was a tough and difficult transition and I really appreciate those that have stood by me.

2. Do you get free stuff?
I get several emails monthly of people wanting to send me things to try out for a possible review. I take accepting offers very seriously. I only accept about 1 item (if any) to review for ever 4-6 months because not only do I want to give completely thorough reviews (I find it hard to review products if I'm trying them all at one time). I pride myself in giving thorough, well tried out reviews and only want to offer my viewers and readers the best information I know.  The only time I will make an exception or accept offers is if I currently use the product, have been wanting to try the product, or if it is something I know will be extremely beneficial for my viewers. I only give honest reviews for you all because you all are the reason why people are messaging me in the first place!

3. How come you don't upload more often?
I am a busy girl and although it is fun to blog and youtube - it is a hobby and not my full time job. My family, friends and work are. In order to not overwhelm myself, I upload about once per week so beauty maintains being a hobby :)

4. Can you do the look I request?/How come you haven't posted the look I requested? 
I always try. Remember that since I don't do videos with my face in them and with the infrequency of videos and blogs, it's hard to get to everything and at times, it's difficult to find models. I hope you all can also understand that it takes a lot of practice to get the look you all request as well. It can easily be recreated on myself (easy way out!!), but since I don't show my face, I have to practice on my models before I can perfect any look. It actually takes many times to practice before I can get any looks to look good!

5. Can you do more hauls? You used to do them all the time! 
I buy a lot... meaning I will always have huge and great hauls for you haha! Unfortunately, hauls are the least viewed videos I have on youtube because there is no real creative way to present... well, products! You have to understand that it takes a lot of planning and creativity and work to make youtube videos, and when you don't show your face in videos, it takes extra work and creativity to not only keep your viewers interested.

6. Can you subscribe to my channel? 
No. I can watch your videos, but I wont sub just because you ask. I will sub if I think I'll watch your videos. I will always check out your video if you ask... or at least I'll try.

7. Did you block me? (Haha, I've actually gotten this a couple of time :-X)
If you spam my inbox to "check out your video" - yes. I will block you. It's too annoying to get those emails and messages filling up my inbox!

8. How come your blog and youtube are not synced? 
Many times (besides this post and giveaway posts), my youtube and blog posts will be very different from each other. As a diehard blog reader- one of the things I absolutely hate is watching videos on people's blogs. I think blogs should be dedicated to those who want to read about something, not watch something. In addition to that, I find that I like to post more reviews and hair experiences which are captured mostly by picture for me rather than videos. I treat them each as their own entity and will only have them align with one another when I think it would be beneficial for my youtube to have something that needs reading or for my blog to have something that needs to be watched.
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