Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour Blush Review

I get a lot of questions about the Tarte Blush and if I've tried it... and my answer to people is always Yes!!! so I figured why not just post a lil ol' review on it so that way for any of my future makeup lovers that may have a similar question about this product, hopefully this review can answer it for you! :)

I have two (actually 3 but one is not pictured) Tarte blushes that I've had for months and months. I have one in a pretty pink (mid way between baby and barbie lol) called Dollface that I received as a gift (not sure if it was last christmas or my birthday) from one of my closest friends in the cyber world, Wendy, aka BentleyBlonde. Maybe about a month after that, I picked up the now extremely coveted Exposed.

First off, I would like to say that.. YES. I love them. The problem is, I really love my Nars Blushes as well, so when it comes down to which one to pick up when I'm getting ready - I tend to go with the oldie but goodie Nars. Although the Tarte may be better in comparison, sometimes it's hard to make the switch!!!!

Here is Dollface. It's a wonderful pink, perfect for an everyday pinky look. It is a nice matte medium pink that gives you the perfect "flushed" look.

Here is Exposed. Everyone and their mamas love this color and I definitely know why. It's very similar to my Douceur and Zen by Nars but it has a bit more of a pinky color in it. It is a nice pinkish brown matte color that is light enough to dual as a bronzer and blush. It gives that effortless look that has people questioning, "damn do her cheeks look amazing and contoured naturally? or does she have on some blush?" (lol).

I do have this in Adored as well, but it has glitter in it, so I don't tend to pick it up. I'm also unsure (I got it a while ago) how the glitters transfer on to the face.

Here are the swatches:
L-R Heavily Swatched Dollface, Heavily Swatched Exposed, One swipe Dollface, One swipe Exposed
PS. I don't know what that scratch is from in the one swipe dollface lol

And now for my breakdown:

Texture: At first touch, it's a bit hard and chalky. I'm not going to lie, I was hesitant in picking it up because of the way it felt when I swatched it. I realized though the hard texture is so that you do waste any product when you're picking it up. Don't be deceived though, the product is WONDERFUL when it is applied with a brush onto your skin. It is way different than my initial thoughts of when I first swatched it in store.

Pigmentation: At first touch, it's just like any normal blush, but it is incredibly buildable which I love. You will see in the swatches above that one swipe can be done for a nice light touch of color or a couple swipes could be used for a darker, night out look.

Lasting Power: I will have to say this is the product that wins them all. Without any sort of cream product underneath, it is by far the longest lasting powder blush I have tried. By the end of the night, my Nars products would have been off my face, leaving me nice and pale (unless I have a cream product underneath it), but the Tarte blush really lasts. When I wore it at 7am to go student teaching and by the time I got home around 7:30pm - I could still see remnants of color on my face. I mean it's not like when I put it at 7am, but the color is still there.

Who would this be good for: I have quite dry cheeks and it works fine for my skin. It actually claims that it could work for all skin types - and I'll be honest, I don't doubt it:
For oily skin types, Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place. Those with dry skin will benefit from the clay's nourishing and hydrating properties, which naturally restore skin's moisture. Combination skin types can rely on its ability to zero in on skin concerns and deliver benefits to restore complexion harmony.  

Price: Price is a bit steep at $25 per piece, but I'll be honest, I haven't made near dent on either of these blushes, and I've had them for quite a while AND used the quite a bit. In fact, you can still see the original tarte design on it, which to me... is kinda crazy!

Overall: Would make an excellent purchase an investment. This proves to be an extremely versatile product that I really believe that this can work for anyone. I would highly recommend it 100% to anyone.
              Pros: Everything. Long lasting-ness, color payoff, good for all skin types

              Cons: Price, not sure how the glitter-y colors would look on skin. 

You can purchase it here at sephora.com

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Kirstie said...

These blushes are Beautiful! I want them! Thanks for sharing your opinion! It makes me want them even more :) p.s. I would have loved to see the sparkly one. I <3 anything sparkly!

♥The Art of Beauty ♥ said...

I actually love the Amazonian clay. =} I just got the "Exposed" blush and i'm really like it. The "Dollface" is very nice pink ^_~


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