Butter London Spring 2012

My good friend Michelle - my usual cutie patootie bought me a couple of the Butter London Spring 2012 collection for Christmas. They have some really fabulous colors... Here are the colors! 

They are in (L-R) Bossy Boots, Disco Biscuit, Knackered, Slapper and Trout Pout!

Naturally I begin eyeing Bossy Boots and Trout Pout because I am queen of colors that are creamy and springy looking lol. I'd have to admit though, Disco Biscuit and Knackered are definitely the unique colors of the bunch.... and of course....

Michelle picked me up those two!!!! They look SO pretty in the bottle. I just want to take it and pour it all over everywhere and paint the world these two fun colors! Gah! I can't even begin to express how beautiful these colors look. I hope I was able to capture some of the glitteriness and fun! 

Here is the first color that EVERYONE will be gaga over. Knackered - it has that opal-y effect where its a grey/purple metallic color and in different angles can turn blue/green-ish! WOW! And what makes this even better is that there are little holographic glitters in it!

When first applied, I was kind of disappointed because I expected it to be more opaque than it is. It is actually quite a sheer formula where in three coats I can still see light tinges of the whites of my nails... even still, you can't deny the beauty of it. I think next time I will opt to wear a colored base underneath! 

The two pictures below are with 3 coats applied --- I loveeee how on some nails the polish looks green and some they look purple. ag! amaze!

Disco Biscuit looks like it should be a raspberry candy. It's such a pretty hot magenta-y pink and then SPARKLES!!! it has little blue & purple glitters in it. It's really fun because from far away, it looks like a regular pink, but then up close you are like... wha? is that frigin GLITTER?! amaze! ;) Again, similar to knackered, this color was more sheer than I anticipated, but with three coats, it was opaque to my liking.

Sorry I only have this one shotty picture of my nails. Its really a gorgeous color, especially in the sunlight. My cuticles were looking SOOO dry and so I went to put on lotion and then as I wiped my hands, I wiped off ALL the polish since they weren't dry yet LOL. *epic fail*

These two colors, although more on the sheer side, did make me feel like I was at a black light party. They are fun, fantastic and a great jump into spring.
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Unknown said...

Ooh I love all 5 colours.

Kirstie said...

I NEED Disco Biscuit!!

Anonymous said...

Try Disco Biscuit layered over a navy, black, dark green or dark purple. AMAZING. Seriously beautiful.
I'm going back for Knackered and see if it's like Disco Biscuit.

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