My Current Sephora Wish List

Jan 28, 2012 |
I know... all I do is want stuff and buy stuff. Sometimes, even I know I shouldn't. And I'm literally fighting off EVERY urge to click the "pay now" button. Thus, I have decided to make a short little wish list of all the goodies I've been lusting over... this way at least YOU all know what I want HAHA! or maybe it'll give you some suggestions on what to get :)

I recently saw this argan balm. I love any sort of balm that I could keep handy for multipurpose use! 

I have been wanting this ever since it came out. Every time I go to Sephora I spray some on me to smell it. The perfect bit of muskiness and sweetness. I love it. I need it... but not yet since I just bought a new perfume :( - my good friend rae RAVES about this product. I completely trust everything she says as I think she has impeccable taste. So now I am dying for this stain! I need to go to store to try out the different colors!

Rae also introduced me to this gloss too. I LOVE IT. I have one in a beautiful magenta pink color. Now I am dying for it in "endless love" -- such a beautiful pinky nude color! 

Ever since I saw this product come out - I have been eyeing it. I love cream products, especially in the winter and this looks like the perfect 'everything is cream!' product. *cries!*

An extra, NOT sephora goodie on my wish list!
Oh how I want you. This has all the fun valentines goodies from LUSH that I've never tried before. Had a yummy sounding massage bar and soap! And I've been dying to try Ro's Argan!!

So there you have it! Those are the goodies I've been eyeing lately. The hoarder/collector in me is Cryinnn outtt to buy moreee!!! but I shall try and hold back. Maybe I'll have a couple more facebook/blog sales and then I can buy more (LOL!). 

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