Weight Watchers Week #3

Jan 31, 2012 |
Is it week 3? I can't even remember anymore.

Felix and I had a mini (actually kinda major now that we think about it) breakthrough. We went out for a nice outing on Sunday - to the outlets to go shopping (favorite past time, obviously). Instead of going out to have a big brunch, we decided to just go to the supermarket and get some sandwiches. Obviously since it was a pretty small meal (at 11am), inevitably, we were both hungry by 3ish.

We went into the food court to decide what to eat. Usually we would both order McD. We would get 20 nuggets and large fries with a Coke. I would eat all of the fries, maybe eat about 4 nuggets and he would eat the rest of the nuggets. Sometimes he would order a mcdouble on top of that meal. Needless to say, we did order McDonalds (it was that or Wok 'n Roll, KFC, Tacobell or Auntie Annes haha!), except this time... we ordered a 10 piece nuggets with a medium french fries. Usually I do not share my fries, but we split the fries... AND split the nuggets! AND.... get this, usually felix takes 3 nuggets to finish ONE sweet and sour sauce packet. We finished all nuggets and all french fries and only used HALF of one packet! It was the first time we thought, WOW. we're kinda slowly but surely changing our lives... and it's kinda AWESOME.

At dinner, we went to Applebees, because it is one of my favorite places to go. FIRST TIME in our dating history, we DID NOT order appetizers! Usually I order the oriental chicken salad, but I saw how it was HORRIBLE for you (sad life) and felix usually gets a burger or sandwich. Instead we both just ordered the under 550 calories meals. I got chicken with portobello, steamed veggies and potatoes, and felix got sirloin with spinach and potatoes. We both cleaned our plates - and felt good!

I know this may seem silly - but it was really kinda cool and refreshing knowing that we are slowly making progress. We may not necessarily LOOK any better (lol), but it makes me happy to know that we're actually making some steps to a new and better lifestyle for ourselves!!!! :)

oh yeah, this week's weigh in is -1lb!
Total for 3 weeks is -3.5lbs! :D
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