First Impressions: Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick

It's almost Valentine's Day!!!! Therefore I am even more obsessed with red, pink and white things, hearts, chocolates, and flowers! hehe!! One of the first websites I think about when I think of Valentine's Day is Pretty&Cute because of its girly, pink and fun website hehe! And holy goodness, they had the CUTEST lipstick in stock, I just HAD to pick it up to show you guys! 


I have to commend asian brands for having some of the cutest packaging and for continually being inventive with their products. Here is Holika Holika's Heartful Moisture Lipstick!

It comes in a really petite beautiful metallic pink casing. And comes in 6 really fantastic shades ranging from nudes to corals, to deep reds.

And of course the star: HEART SHAPED LIPSTICK!!!! I dont think I can stop freaking out about how cute they are :D On first wear, it does feel very nice and creamy - similar to the peripera moisture lipstick. Color opacity was medium, but definitely buildable.

The one 'eh' I have about this product is that the sides of the heart can scrape the lipstick tube, resulting in ugly side disease. :( This was upon first twist up and it was already scratched, which made me sad... but I'm hoping that it was just my lipstick and not all of them!

Anyways, I can't do a full review for them for you just yet, as I have just gotten my pretty&cute stuff recently:

 ..and the first time I wore it, I accidentally wiped it off with a napkin as I was eating.. but I wanted to show the product to you because it was SO cute, and if you have anyone special to get pretty heart lipstick for... pick it up here at pretty&!

For purchases at pretty& - use code jessicalee422 for 10% off lioele products OR write code jessicalee422 in the comment section for a SURPRISE gift when checking out! :)
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Sprinkle Sugars said...

jessicalee422 :)

Shop Citygirl said...

These are too cute!!! Gonna add then to my "must try" list!!


Anonymous said...

ooooo would love to pick these up at the nearest store.

EKN said...

These are ubber cute! Who would've ever thought I'd live to see heart-shaped lippie sticks. :b

Selen♥ said...

Aww how cute are theyy~~ so lovely ^____^ I just found yout blog and I'm following you now (: x

♥The Art of Beauty ♥ said...

They're so cute. =}

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