First Impressions: Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick

It's almost Valentine's Day!!!! Therefore I am even more obsessed with red, pink and white things, hearts, chocolates, and flowers! hehe!! One of the first websites I think about when I think of Valentine's Day is Pretty&Cute because of its girly, pink and fun website hehe! And holy goodness, they had the CUTEST lipstick in stock, I just HAD to pick it up to show you guys! 


I have to commend asian brands for having some of the cutest packaging and for continually being inventive with their products. Here is Holika Holika's Heartful Moisture Lipstick!

It comes in a really petite beautiful metallic pink casing. And comes in 6 really fantastic shades ranging from nudes to corals, to deep reds.

And of course the star: HEART SHAPED LIPSTICK!!!! I dont think I can stop freaking out about how cute they are :D On first wear, it does feel very nice and creamy - similar to the peripera moisture lipstick. Color opacity was medium, but definitely buildable.

The one 'eh' I have about this product is that the sides of the heart can scrape the lipstick tube, resulting in ugly side disease. :( This was upon first twist up and it was already scratched, which made me sad... but I'm hoping that it was just my lipstick and not all of them!

Anyways, I can't do a full review for them for you just yet, as I have just gotten my pretty&cute stuff recently:

 ..and the first time I wore it, I accidentally wiped it off with a napkin as I was eating.. but I wanted to show the product to you because it was SO cute, and if you have anyone special to get pretty heart lipstick for... pick it up here at pretty&!

For purchases at pretty& - use code jessicalee422 for 10% off lioele products OR write code jessicalee422 in the comment section for a SURPRISE gift when checking out! :)
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Renée said...

jessicalee422 :)

Life Style Loves said...

These are too cute!!! Gonna add then to my "must try" list!!


Imah Ayub ♥ said...

ooooo would love to pick these up at the nearest store.

Elaine said...

These are ubber cute! Who would've ever thought I'd live to see heart-shaped lippie sticks. :b

xLittleBells said...

Aww how cute are theyy~~ so lovely ^____^ I just found yout blog and I'm following you now (: x

♥ My Dream World ♥ said...

They're so cute. =}

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