Sephora/Pantone Universe Tangerine Tango Lipstick

Gosh I love orange this season. It's kind of been a sick obsession, but I've been going CRAZY over finding some really lovely orange lipsticks. I haven't been QUITE bold enough to rock a BRIGHT orange, so I've been obsessed with finding the perfect blend of bold but subtle.

Anyways I've heard so many good things about this pantone line, but when I went to swatch everything, it was either too glittery for my taste, or dupable for lots of the products I had, but the lipstick, was by far the most exciting product for me.

And here she is - standing so tall! :) I absolutely ADORE the way the lipstick looks. I think that time after time, I'm always impressed with lipsticks that have cool shapes and this ripple-ish lipstick does not disappoint! 

Here are swatches of the product - to the left, is one swipe, and the right is 3 swipes. 

Below are swatches on my lips. 
1: dryass lips
2: one swipe on upper and lower lip (crooked I might add)
3: 3 swipes on upper and lower lip each. Look how shiny and buttery it looks!

And my usual breakdown: 

Texture: The texture of this lipstick is so lovely. It's thin, but creamy and emollient. That is one of my favorite combinations. It glides on so smoothly and slippery like butter, yet feels so moisturizing. It is a full creamy color - no shimmer or glitter particles.

Color: I think that Tangerine Tango is the wrong name for it. It definitely is an orange, but to me, leans more toward a red orange, which is probably why I find this color more wearable for me. To me it'd be more of a blood orange tango - but i suppose that sounds kinda narst.

Pigmentation: This is my favorite type of pigmentation. The first layer is nice, but decently sheer - so for those of you that are scurred to wear a bright color, you can build your way to bold. The more you layer it, the more pigmented it becomes. After around 3 coats, you have a full bright lip! I love it!

Lasting ability: Because of its emollient texture - without eating or drinking, it lasts about 3-4 hours before it begins to fade.

Moistuization: This product feel so nice and hydrating - I am loving the formula for it. It doesn't really emphasize dry lip particles, but really helps to add a bit of moisture into my lips as it wears.

Packaging: I think that this is by far some of the most futuristic, cool packaging. It's in this cool white (metal?) casing that is kind of heavy for a lipstick case and it's magnetic!!!! MAGNETIC!!! I think that just adds to the fun of it all ;)

Price: $18 when you buy it alone.

Smell: I LOVE the smell, but I can see people hating that part about this. For me it had an overwhelming vanilla scent to it, but after a while, I felt as if the scent faded.

Overall: If you are a fanatical of the orange craze - this is a must have. The texture and luxurious (overly? maybe..) packaging and unique lipstick shape makes it worth it. Unfortunately, I don't believe this color is for everyone. I think that it'd be important to go into a sephora to check it out and test out the color to see if it works for you - but for the product itself... totally worth it!

You can find yours at (currently OOS) or in sephora stores.
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