Engagement Shoot Outfits!

Apr 26, 2012 |
This is, I suppose my first "look book" -- hm, not sure how I feel about this! BUT, many of you asked me for some tips on what to wear for YOUR big day! I don't have tips for you since I did have to seek some help, but I did learn a couple of things along the way :)

Here is my first outfit - and is one of my favorites. This is an outfit I would probably wear in regular life. It is a Forever 21 lace top dress, a Gap cardigan, a necklace that I stole from my sister and Steve Madden high boots. I do have a scarf incase it gets a bit nips.

Lesson #1: Wear something you are used to wearing... something you feel comfortable in! At first, we were trying to pair this outfit with heels or other shoes, but I found that in the end the boots were the easiest and most comfortable for me. And it might be cold, so it covers more skin!

Here is my second outfit - this is the outfit I would least likely wear. I feel like I fell out of a J Crew summer catalog. Here I am wearing a LOFT skirt, H&M Tshirt, Cardigan from LOFT and necklace from Kimski Makes, H&M platform shoes.

Lesson #2: If the outfit doesn't scream "you" - make sure you at least have some pieces that do! I don't think I would necessarily wear this outfit or choose to wear it, but I think it looks nice and classy - which is why I thought it would be nice to wear. Because I don't think I would ever wear the skirt, I made sure that there were pieces that I loved - like the necklace, shoes and the color of the cardigan.

Here is my final outfit - which is going to be the night outfit (I also have my jacket but it is not shown). I'm most excited about this outfit because it lets me bring out the rocker - edgy girl in me. I'll be sporting a poof by the end of the night and red lips with this outfit. The cardigan is from Gap, tanktop is from Joe Fresh, scarf is from Gap, Jeans from AE, thick bracelet from LOFT and the thin spikey bracelet from stella&dot (thanks wendy!) -- the shoes are from steve madden, but I want to wear my leopard flats which i can't find HAHA.

Lesson #3: Bring out your inner goddess ... subtly ;) I love this outfit because it allows me to be my gaudy, unruly self without showing too much. I paired my lips with the accessories- but the rest of the outfit is very toned down to balance it out. sometimes too much is not good! (sadly lol)

I hope you guys enjoyed my first 'fashion' post! I will update with some pics hopefully of the engagement session in the future!

Let me know what you think of these types of posts! xx
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