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Apr 17, 2012 |
Birchbox has definitely been so different in everyone's box! I haven't seen anyone with my box yet! I've been really impressed with Birchbox ever since I re-signed up last month. I think as they were beginning, there were definitely some ups and downs, but now that they are truly established and have some really great new brands coming in, their boxes have definitely gotten better and better ;)

This month's birchbox was about being natural. Because earth day is coming up on April 22 (my birthday!), they decided to dedicate the month's box to all things natural. Below are the products I received in my box:

The first product I received was the Yu-Be Moisturizing skin cream. I wasn't overly impressed with this sample because I always get these from sephora free samples or from when I go in store to buy any sort of cosmetics. Although I do like this product - especially its non greasy feel and menthol-ish scent, it is something I never get around to using enough. 

Marula the Leaky Collection: Marula Oil. I didn't pay attention to this product at first and sprayed it as if it were a perfume and was like OMG. this is not a perfume! LOL It feels like a fancy, luxurious oil. I only put it on my hand, but it felt super soft afterwards. Enjoyable and expensive! 
Look how pretty the finish is :)

The star of my box was a tarte lip surgence pencil in amused. I've seen this product in other people's boxes and felt SO jealous!! but now its in mine and I'm so excited! This is a full size product that retails for 24 dollars. It is pretty, glossy, moisturizing and pigmented! 

Microdermamitt - this was the "extra" in the box... a very EXPENSIVE ($28) extra!  This is one of those awesome exfoliating mitts - I'm always extra appreciative of these exfoliating tools because I find them to be the best exfoliators - beating out any sort of sugar/salt grainy product. It does feel a bit rough and tough, but we'll see how it wears on my skin! (HAHA BTW U LIKE HOW I AM SCRATCHING ERIN'S HEAD? LOL) 

Lastly, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume. I'm not sure.... if this is natural? LOL but I do know I like the scent. It's super duper sweet and delicious - but for me maybe a bit too sweet for the warmer weather. I'd be afraid that mosquitos would come after me! HAH 

What did you guys get in your boxes? I hope it was fantastic! Unlike other boxes -- these are boxes that I actually look forward to and ..... boxes that I USE!! (rather than having a huge sample collection for me to giveaway haha!) 

Also I adore their point system because with each box you gain 10 points for each product you review (easy review too!) and with every 100 points, you earn 10 dollars. Therefore usually with each box you can gain 50 points, meaning that every two boxes you get 10 dollars! SOOOOO It's kinda like you're getting a $5 discount on each box! :P 

If you want to sign up for birchbox you can sign up through here


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