May Youtuber Fave: Charismastar

I've been following Caris ever since the beginning of the NYX face awards and have been diligently voting for her through the whole process because I felt as if her energy, positivity and creativity were amazing... and indeed they are.   She is beyond talented and came up with the most creative ideas! She's now advanced to the top 6 and will be going to IMATS in cali - so jealous, which I was going so I can meet her!!

She has an innocent, God fearing, and carefree personality that makes her so likable and easy to watch. I love how even her simplest OOTD videos gets transformed into such a fun video that makes me want to get up and dance! 
You can check out that video here:
She truly takes her ideas and goes all out - making her final product friggin amazing!

Moreover, her personality really shines through! It makes you wish she were your friend because she's truly such a breath of fresh air & such a ball of positive energy. I think even without her realizing it, she has really influenced a lot of girls (including myself) to step out of their comfort zones to not be afraid to be creative and be your true self!

I hope to be able to meet her in the future ... and tell her how absolutely awesome she is in person one day! maybe I should take a trip to Alaska! I dont think I've ever met anyone that was from there! lol! I know that she has such a bright future ahead of her because she truly is a 'shining star'!!!

For all of you that haven't already, definitely check her out HERE. God has truly blessed her with her creativity and talent -- and God has blessed us with her videos!!!! lol ;D

Caris - best of luck to you in the top 6! I'm rooting for you <3
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