Guest Post: Keep Your Skin Clear this Summer!!

Jul 31, 2012 |

Don’t let the summer heat and humidity take its toll on your skin. Prevent breakouts and keep
your skin clear throughout the season.

Here are effective tips to achieve supple and clean summer skin.

1. Sun-damaged skin can be relieved by the following natural remedies: aloe vera, coconut
water, chilled butter milk, two teaspoons of fresh watermelon juice mixed with one
teaspoon of turmeric powder, green tea, or mint leaves. If you have some of the
aforementioned herbs growing in pots in your home, then you can simply pluck tiny
portions just enough to use on your skin. And take note that you should never exfoliate if
your skin feels burnt because you risk ending up with scarring and redness. Don’t forget
to stick to the basic rule of sunscreen application: use at least an SPF 15 product and
apply it liberally thirty minutes before you expose yourself to the sun.

2. To reduce acne during the summer, keep your hair pulled back away from your face. Dirt
and dust sticks to your hair strands, and if you allow them to touch your sweat-ridden
face all day, then you will most likely end up with breakouts.

3. Change your pillow case and your bath towels regularly as they can harbor and track
bacteria that cause acne.

4. A perfect summer homemade facial mask for oily skin can be made from banana plus a
few tablespoons of honey and lemon juice. Leave on the pleasant smelling mask for five
to ten minutes before rinsing.

5. Hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water. Replenish the water that you lose whenever
you perspire. Lack of water affects your skin’s elasticity and makes it prone to unhealthy
skin issues.

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